Party Lights

PARTY LIGHTS - V1 3:22 LM-7 / MT2
PARTY LIGHTS - V2 uncirculating
PARTY LIGHTS - V4 3:09 RIVER: OUTTAKES / 2015 single

Note: Not related to the Claudine Clark song with the same title which Springsteen covered in 1975. V1 recorded as a solo demo in May 1979 at Telegraph Hill, Holmdel, New Jersey, and was found on the same demo tape that held two versions of "Jackson Cage" from the same period. Bruce uses the melody of "I Wanna Marry You". V2 recorded at Power Station on October 8, 1979; this was the take selected for The River: Outtakes disc V4, and was released as a single in November 23, 2015. The vocal on the official release is vintage, and includes lyrics also found in "Point Blank" and some which Springsteen would later use for his adaptation of Tom Waits' "Jersey Girl". V3 later recorded at Springsteen’s home in Colts Neck, NJ from late March to early April 1981 in a rockabilly style, not bearing much resemblance to the slower take from The River sessions. Springsteen asks an unidentified person if it is "time to eat?" at the end of the take.

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