RAMROD - V1 3:58 DO-1 / AM / UP
RAMROD - V2a 3:50 DROC1
RAMROD - V2b 3:39 DROC2 / RRR / ATMF
RAMROD - V2c 0:31 DROC2
RAMROD - V2d 3:46 RO
RAMROD - V2e 3:45 RO
RAMROD - V2f 4:20 LM-5
RAMROD - V2g 4:20 LM-5
RAMROD - V2h 4:23 LM-5
RAMROD - V2i 2.53 LM-5

Note: At least four takes recorded at The Record Plant on September 12, 1977 and played once on the Darkness Tour on December 28, 1978 in Pittsburgh, PA. Re-recorded for The River. A song titled "Rocker" was registered with the US Copyright Office in January 2011 but information on the copyright claim suggests this is actually "Ramrod". It was registered because a short audio snippet was included in The Promise: The Making Of Darkness On The Edge Of Town, the documentary included on the box set. It can be heard at exactly 1:00.00. All of the above are mix variations of different vocal takes over the same basic recording. There is also some variation in tape speed. V2c is an overdub of Springsteen's guitar over the instrumental ending, V2i is several variations of Clarence's overdubbed saxophone, also over the instrumental ending. Recorded at The Power Station on June 12, 1979. Further recordings or mixing sessions (possibly overdubs) took place on August 27 and September 5, 1979, as well as much later in the sessions on April 4 and 19, 1980. Selected for an August 1979 album sequence.

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