Reason To Believe

REASON TO BELIEVE - V1a take 1 4:00 LM-1
REASON TO BELIEVE - V1c take 1 3:56 NEBRASKA (stereo mix)
REASON TO BELIEVE - V2 take 2 uncirculating
REASON TO BELIEVE - V3 3:34 private
REASON TO BELIEVE - V4 0:50 private
REASON TO BELIEVE - V5 uncirculating

Note: Two different, complete, recordings were made - only one has surfaced, which is take #1. This take circulates in three different mixes. The second (unused) take has an extra verse. Inspired by Springsteen's own experience driving down Highway 33 on his way to Millstone, a township in Monmouth County. V3 and V4 are band rehearsals from Colts Neck in April 1982. V3 is a full-band take (missing the opening lines) of the song Springsteen recorded solo in January 1982. A work-in-progress, with some lyrical variation including an extra third verse. The first verse is sung by Springsteen alone accompanied by electric guitar, before drum and bass join in for the rest of the song. A driving beat features throughout. V4 is a short take of the second verse. V5 is from April 27-28, 1982 with the band at The Power Station. Shortly after Springsteen would decide to release the solo version of "Reason To Believe" on Nebraska.

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