Santa Ana

SANTA ANA - V1 uncirculating
SANTA ANA - V2 uncirculating
SANTA ANA - V3 4:50 UNE / PS / EY / US5 / SA914 / FOTF

Note: Also known as "Hey Santa Ana", "My Contessa", and "The Guns of Kid Cole". Written in late 1972 or early 1973, performed live by Bruce at a few shows during April-June 1973. Both V1 and V2 are early recordings from June 22 and 26, 1973, that remain uncirculated. V3 was recorded and completed on June 28, and for many years was considered a complete, though unofficial, version. However V4 is an embellished mix and was completed on June 28 or July 1, or perhaps in 1997. overdubs includes piano (courtesy David Sancious), a layer of acoustic guitar (Bruce), calypso percussion (Richard Blackwell) and the addition of Suki Lahav’s voice in the group vocal mix. However the flute playing heard in V3 (courtesy of Clarence) has been entirely removed from the V4 mix, which had never circulated prior to its emergence on Tracks. Look for the lines “French cream won’t soften those boots, baby French kisses will not break your heart”; since this track was never released, Bruce later put them to good use in "She’s the One".

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