Slow Fade

SLOW FADE - V1 18:57 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V2 2:52 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V3 3:12 LM-15 / LMEC2
SLOW FADE - V4 3:24 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V5 2:49 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V6 3:04 LM-15 / OSOR

Note: All of the above are rehearsal workouts at Telegraph Hill on February 5, 1980 of a song that was bootlegged under the title "Slow Fade". Unfortunately, the true title of this song is a mystery since it has not appeared in studio documentation anywhere, we have no audio evidence beyond what is listed here, and the lyrics are buried in the mix. The title "Slow Fade" was written on the February 5 tape-card, but is probably not related to the actual song. The 'Lost Masters' material comprises over thirty minutes of the band working on all parts of the song, giving a fascinating if ultimately frustrating glimpse of their recording processes. A solo demo titled "Slow Fade", recorded in late 1979 and found on 'The Lost Masters Essential Collection Vol. 1' is not related to this song, it is an early version of the song, "Fade Away".

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