Someday (We'll Be Together)

SOMEDAY (TONIGHT) - V1 4:43 LM-3 / AM / UP

Note: V1 is an instrumental backing track that was bootlegged under the title "Someday, Tonight". Since there are no vocals, it has been assumed that the creators of the 'Lost Masters' CDs took the title from a cassette tape label, and maybe they did, but it appears on the studio logs as "Someday (Tonight)". According to the logs, Springsteen worked on the song over three days at the Record Plant on September 26 and 29–30, 1977. This backing track circulated for fifteen years until V2 was released on The Promise box set in 2010 as "Someday (We'll Be Together)". The backing tracks from September 29 were used, with a modern vocal take alongside backing vocals by the Alliance Singers (Tiffeny Andrews, Corinda Carford, Michelle Moore, and Antoinette Savage), who contributed choir vocals on The Rising, in addition to Patti Scialfa and Soozie Tyrell.

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