Spare Parts

SPARE PARTS - v1a 3:36 uncirculating
SPARE PARTS - v1b 3:36 TUNNEL / 1988 single

Note: Recorded January 20, 1987 at Thrill Hill Recording, the first day of sessions at the Carousel House on his Rumson, New Jersey property. The second take was chosen for the album, after Garry Tallent (bass), Danny Federici (organ), and Max Weinberg (percussion) recorded their parts in April, and Toby Scott dubbed them to his base track. In June, Bruce was at Kren Studio in Hollywood, jamming with three Country sidemen. One of them was James “Jimmie” Wood, who must have played a mean harmonica, because Bruce liked it so much, he taught Jimmie "Spare Parts", and had him dubbed onto the tape. Released as a single in Europe on October 18, 1988.

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