SUGARLAND - V1 0:08 LM-17
SUGARLAND - V2 2:50 LM-17
SUGARLAND - V3 2:42 LM-16 / GT
SUGARLAND - V4 2:29 LM-16
SUGARLAND - V5 2:53 LM-19 / UH / MILM
SUGARLAND - V6 2:45 LM-18
SUGARLAND - V7 uncirculating

Note: Takes recorded January 18-19 and 30, February 7-8, 14 and 17, 1983. Five takes circulate, all complete performances in varying arrangements. V2 is rockabilly. V3 and V6 are more rock-orientated, and appear to have the same vocal take. The only differences between the two may be in the backing music, or the mix. The Lost Masters liner notes consider V4 to be in a country-style, but is actually in the Cajun style. These arrangements pale in comparison to V5 which is quiet and atmospheric and the definitive version. Recorded in the studio in May 1983 - see below for details. Performed live twice on the 1984-5 Born In The U.S.A. Tour, but never since. V7 Fourteen takes recorded at The Hit Factory on May 25, 1983.

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