Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT - V1 0:34 private cdr
TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT - V3b 3:18 private

Note: On May 5, 1975, Springsteen brought in a new song, "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", to work with him. V1 is a brief snippet of the tail section of what appears to be a different performance. V2 is an early, complete take that was originally broadcast on E Street Radio in late 2005; this take has some considerable lyrical differences to the released version and has Springsteen phrasing the horn parts during the opening. A stereo fold down mono version is also available as the b-side of the white label promo 45. v3a was recorded on July 13, 1975 at the Record Plant, but not without difficulty. The Brecker Brothers, top session horn players, had been hired to play on Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, but the charts Springsteen and Roy Bittan had prepared, and Bruce's instructions, were not producing the sound needed. Landau and Bruce told Steve Van Zandt, who was with them in the control room, to take charge and instruct the horn players. They both knew he was playing guitar and managing Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, who had the sound they were looking for. Miami Steve "sang each horn player his part, with the lines, the timing and the inflection all perfect. The sessionmen obediently played their parts, and the horns were recorded. When they’d finished, Springsteen turned to Mike Appel, “Okay”, he said. “It’s time to put the boy on the payroll. I’ve been meaning to tell you—he’s the new guitar player.” - Two Hearts by Dave Marsh. Steve officially joined the E Street Band a week later on July 20, the opening night of the Born To Run tour. On July 13, 1975 Randy Brecker, of The Brecker Brothers, the jazz trumpeter hired to play on the song, told Christopher Sandford how he came in to remedy matters as the sessions for the tune started to break down. "We were the New York pros", the horn player explained, "and this wild-looking gypsy guy tears up the charts and sings the lick. From then on, things took off." v3b has cold ending (no fadeout), no guitar, keyboards, sax, but it does have a horn track; in other words, on this track there is only bass, drums, horns and vocal. different vocal track, with Bruce saying "I'm all alone, I'm all alone, I'm all alone, And, kid you better get the picture, I'm On My own and "You can't go home", singing Clarence's part too.

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