The Angel

THE ANGEL - V1 3:37 US3 / HDT
THE ANGEL - V2a uncirculating
THE ANGEL - V2b 3:26 PS / EY

Note: V1 recorded at CBS Studios on May 3, 1972. V2 recorded June 26-27 and 29, 1972 at 914 Sound Studios. V2a is just acoustic guitar and vocals. Near the end of the sessions Bruce had Richard Davis overdub upright bass onto the track - this overdub was recorded October 26, 1972. V2b and V2c (both which contain the bass) are the same recording (i.e. same instrumentation and vocal). V2b is allegedly a different mix than V2c but the difference, if there is one, is not perceptible. Running time variation is at fade out.

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