The Angel

THE ANGEL - V1 5:00 uncirculating
THE ANGEL - V2 3:37 US3 / HDT
THE ANGEL - V3 uncirculating
THE ANGEL - V4a 3:26 PS / EY
THE ANGEL - V4b uncirculating
THE ANGEL - V4c 3:23 GREETINGS / 1973 b-side

Note: Written in early 1972. V1 was recorded by Bob Spitz on a reel-to-reel tape recorder at Pocketful of Tunes, 39 West 55th Street, New York, NY on February 14, 1972, at Bruce's audition for Appel and Cretecos. This recording has never surfaced, and was long ago presumed lost. V2 recorded at Columbia Studio E on May 3, 1972, with John Hammond producing. Track title on tape box for reel 2 mistakenly listed as "Angels". V3 recorded on June 26, at 914 Sound Studios. V4a was cut the next day with a new vocal take. V4b was recorded on June 29, an instrumental track by Richard Davis on upright bass, which was later overdubbed on the finished track. V4c logged on October 26, 1972, overdubbing and final mixing for Greetings.

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