The E Street Shuffle


Note: Written around early/mid-1973, and first played live June 6, 1973, before David Sancious joined the band. Recorded and completed at 914 Sound Studios on June 28, 1973. Albee Tellone, the sound manager on Bruce’s road crew from November 1972-December 1973, believes it was Sancious' presence that inspired the tune. Albee says: "I went to David's house with Bruce to learn it while David played his piano. I thought that they had written it together". He goes on to say: "We all went to the studio and played 'live' together in the large room just like we had rehearsed it in the garage in Deal, NJ. Bruce sang it 'live' then too. I was told that they were going to keep only the drums and bass parts and build overdubs from there. Bruce played rhythm on his Telecaster but replaced it later as the tracks were added. I came back on another day to overdub my sax part. We also recorded the 'tune-up' intro with tuba and cornet separately when I came back to play the baritone sax part". Albee Tellone guests on baritone sax, and would be a special guest on this song during the first three months of the WIESS tour (October-December 1973).
Thanks to Albee for the information.

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