The Promised Land

THE PROMISED LAND - V1 uncirculating
THE PROMISED LAND - V2 uncirculating
THE PROMISED LAND - V3a take 5 4:14 ODM / HOD / UP

Note: One of the last songs written and recorded for the album, it's genesis was from a short trip taken by Bruce, Steve Van Zandt and photographer Eric Meola on August 17, 1977, two days after breaking from recording for a week. Their plan was to fly into Salt Lake City, Utah, rent a vintage American car, and drive to Reno, Nevada, by way of the Utah and Nevada wilderness. The fruits of their journey were "Rattlesnake speedway in the Utah desert", "the dogs on Main Street howl because they understand" (based on real dogs howling on a Main Street), and Eric's photographs, which appeared throughout The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story box set. Upon returning, Bruce composed "The Promised Land", and introduced it to the band on September 30, 1977, with 3 takes V1 attempted. Recording resumed on October 27 at the Record Plant, with 20 takes, including V2 take 19, marked "long ending". V3 take 5 on December 1, 1977, which was later pressed to metal acetate on April 12, 1978, is V3a, the final version without the guitar solo. On or about May 12, 1978, Bruce decided a guitar solo by Steve Van Zandt was needed before Clarence Clemons's powerful sax solo. After recording the guitar track, Chuck Plotkin had "The Promised Land" remixed, Side 2 was re-mastered, which briefly delayed album release to June 2.

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