The Way

THE WAY - V1a 3:47 URT-1 / AM / RN / ROU
THE WAY - V1b take 49 3:53 URT-1 / DO-2 / DDO / AM / UP / GT

Note: According to studio documentation, "The Way" was first recorded on August 5, 1977 at Atlantic Studios. On August 15, six takes were recorded. Additional takes were recorded at Record Plant Studios on September 12 and 14, 1977, the latter marked "complete." As of January 16, 1978, "The Way" was sequenced on album #4 as track three on side two, between "Adam Raised A Cain" and "Prove It All Night". Vocal overdubs and mixing took place over three days, February 10–12, 1978, culminating in some 66 mix takes. It was not officially eliminated from Darkness until April 18, 1978. After being passed up for Tracks and The Essential, V4c was included as a hidden track on The Promise in 2010.

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