The Wayfarer


Note: "The Wayfarer" Ron Aniello on Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vibraphone, Bass, Synth [Synth Strings], Sampler [Orchestral Samples], Acoustic Guitar, Organ [B3], Celesta, Loops, Synth, Backing Vocals. Springsteen on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Glockenspiel, Strings, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Organ [B3], Sampler [Orchestral Samples], Celesta, and Mellotron. Curt Ramm on Flugelhorn and Trumpet. Leelanne Sterrett and Rachel Drehmann on French Horn. Piano by David Sancious. Backing vocals arranged by Patti Scialfa and performed by Soozie Tyrell and Patti Scialfa. Matt Chamberlain on drums. Strings are by Stone Hill strings and conducted by Scott Tibbs. Features Alan Stepansky on cello, Rebecca Young and Shmuel Katz on viola, Hyunju Lee, Joanna Maurer, and Lisa Kim on violin.

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