The Wrestler

THE WRESTLER - V1a 3:50 OST: WRESTLER / DREAM / ESSENTIAL: 2015 / 2008 single
THE WRESTLER - V1b 5:20 promo CD

Note: Written at the request of Mickey Rourke for his film The Wrestler, debuted August 2008 at the Venice International Film Festival. Features Springsteen on all instruments. V1a is the version included on the Working On A Dream album, released as a single December 16, 2008. V1b is on a US-only 1-track promotional CDR in slimline jewel case without artwork, issued exclusively to Academy Award voters by film distributors "Fox Searchlight Pictures" for consideration in the "Best Original Song" category. This rare disc exclusively contains the full, unedited 5:20 version with longer intro and intact piano coda, which was omitted for the song's widespread release as a "bonus track" on the album. Some copies feature a misprint of "For Your Consiceration".

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