Under The Gun

UNDER THE GUN - V1 1:00 LM-9
UNDER THE GUN - V2 4:38 LM-8
UNDER THE GUN - V3 0:17 LM-8
UNDER THE GUN - V4 1:02 LM-8
UNDER THE GUN - V5 4:17 LM-8
UNDER THE GUN - V6 0:45 LM-8
UNDER THE GUN - V7 3:02 LM-4
UNDER THE GUN - V8 3:03 LM-4
UNDER THE GUN - V9 2:44 LM-4
UNDER THE GUN - V10 2:06 LM-4
UNDER THE GUN - V11 1:54 LM-4
UNDER THE GUN - V12 uncirculating

Note: V1–6 are acoustic demos recorded at Springsteen's home in Holmdel, NJ probably in early 1979. V1 is solely harmonies. Thematically similar to "Jackson Cage" and includes some lyrics from "The River". Springsteen answers the telephone during V5. V7–V11 are different performances with the band from a Telegraph Hill rehearsal session on March 30, 1979. According to studio logs, "Under The Gun" was recorded at Power Station on June 14, 1979, and later included on a 1993 in-house Tracks-concept album, but not selected for the Ties That Bind outtakes collection in 2015.

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