Waitin' On A Sunny Day

WAITIN' ON A SUNNY DAY - V1 uncirculating
WAITIN' ON A SUNNY DAY - V2b 4:13 promo CD

Note: Written and recorded (V1) at Thrill Hill East by Bruce sometime during 1998. That recording has not surfaced. The song was practiced at rehearsals for the E Street Reunion Tour in early 1999 and a complete band version was performed during the soundcheck for the June 17, 1999 show in Germany - but it was not played during the show or at any later show on the 1999–2000 tour. Re-recorded in Atlanta in early 2002 with the E Street Band and issued on the album. Soozie Tyrell contributes violin and background vocals, while Brendan O'Brien plays glockenspiel and orchestra bells. V2b is a 4:13 version that runs 6 seconds shorter than the regular The Rising track and also features a notably different mix; with both the lead and backing vocals as well as the bass lines and sax solo being much clearer, louder, and generally more upfront. In addition, the drum sound also was altered considerably, and there are about 5 extra seconds of Bruce doing his high-pitched "oh-oh-oooh" vocals not included on the album version. Issued as a US-only 1-track promotional single in 2003.

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