Walking In The Street

WALKING IN THE STREET - V1 uncirculating
WALKING IN THE STREET - V3 uncirculating

Note: "Lovers In The Cold", interchangeable with it's other title, "Walking In the Street" (Walking) was first worked on V1 around August 10, 1974, and then a rough, clearly unfinished V2 was recorded on October 16-17, 1974 at 914 Sound Studios. In January 1975, Bruce decided to move the following lyrics to another composition called "Wings For Wheels"; the line, "they case the promised land" and the verse, "Oh baby I can't lay the stars at your feet, but I think we could take it all, just you and me, Oh come on and see there's a lot of room, For you baby in this front seat". Then in March, he took the main coda of Walking, and used it as the instrumental outro of "Wings for Wheels", which became "Thunder Road". It seemed that there was nothing left, but Walking refused to die. It first appeared on one of the earliest Springsteen studio bootlegs, "E Ticket" by Ruthless Rhymes Records, described as "a totally unreleased song from the Born to Run sessions". This was the first of an almost endless stream of bootlegs it appeared on as both "Walking In the Street(s)" and "Lovers In the Cold", such as "Born In the Studio", "War And Roses - The Definitive Born To Run Outtakes Collection", and "Running Out Of Innocence" by Godfatherecords.

The Wings For Wheels documentary (at about 40:55) shows a Record Plant reel with a label that indicates that at least two complete takes of Walking were recorded on May 28, 1975 V3 (see illustration). This could well be the missing reel, but we can't be certain. Springsteen later taped a rehearsal at Monmouth Post Theater in January 1999, perhaps with a view to issuing a fresh recording of Walking on 18 Tracks alongside "The Promise". Springsteen commented to Mark Hagen of Mojo magazine in 1999, "There was another one called 'Walking In The Street' which I would have liked to have put on, but I couldn't find the master. We searched and searched. It might have been simply recorded over, because in those days, if something wasn't going to make it, you're going to need that tape so you recorded something else over the top."

If you want to hear Walking, turn on "Thunder Road". The instrumental outro was the coda of Walking, and he is still "casing the promised land" with his greatest song, depending on which poll you read. Bruce has no desire to hear or play part of Thunder Road in another song that was obsolete in 1975, with only a few lines like, "Standing on the corner with a gun underneath his coat" remaining. He did not authorize Walking to appear in 100 bootlegs, and has not made one thin dime from it. The May 28 two takes at the Record Plant story, on the day he spent doing at least 20 takes of his new song, "The Heist", was a mistake, as were the other comments. Here is another Bruce quote about another song he does NOT want to play, but he played it on the Darkness tour in many cities because, “people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘Bruce! Fever!’" Bruce still wakes up in a cold sweat, after a fan in his dream grabs him by the head and screams, "Bruce! Walking In the Street! Lovers In the Cold!!" Just kidding Bruce, relax; being the greatest sure ended up involving a lot of pressure and trauma to your brain and spirit, but you still played "The Fever" 24 times on the Darkness tour, because despite it all, you are still the same nice guy you have always been. So don't worry about Walking, it lives on in "Thunder Road", a song you do like playing. "Tonight we're lovers on that road, running past the graveyards in the snow, and now we all know Walking in the Street never had anywhere to go, oh oh oh…"

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