Wild Zero And Blind Terry

PHANTOMS aka WILD ZERO AND BLIND TERRY - V1 backing track #1 6:04 BIS / ROOI / ATMF
PHANTOMS - V2 backing track #2 5:44 US5 / ROOI / SA914
PHANTOMS - V3 5:37 uncirculating
PHANTOMS - V5 5:37 DDITV / MT1 / ROOI / SA914

Note: "Phantoms", also known by the titles "Over The Hills Of St. George" and "Over The Hills Of St. Croix", was written during early 1973, and apparently performed live several times during May and June, notably including the sole recorded performance on June 13 at Binghampton, NY. Sony logs during The Wild, The Innocent sessions show "Phantoms" was worked on June 22 and 26: this produced V1, the backing track of both final studio tracks of "Phantoms" and "Zero And Blind Terry" (also dubbed "Wild Zero And Blind Terry" out in bootleg world later on). V2, an alternate and unreleased instrumental take, was also recorded on one or both of these dates. Up until June 28, these takes were referred to as "Phantoms"; at that session, vocal tracks and instrumentation were added to V1 for both "Phantoms" V3, and "Zero and Blind Terry" V4, completing each. But on July 1, 1973, Bruce added additional dubs to Phantoms V3, making V5 the final take. The date of the circulating version is either June 28 or July 1. "Zero and Blind Terry" was first played live on July 18, 1973 at Max's Kansas City, New York, NY. Sony studio logs only mention "Zero" on June 28 and August 7, 1973. V1, the unreleased backing track sometimes called "Wild Zero" by bootleggers, but never called "Phantoms", except in the Official Sony logs we rely on. Along with V2, a shorter, alternate backing track that was not used, it is reasonable to assume one or both were recorded June 22 and June 26, 1973, any number of times, under the name "Phantoms" only. The first take logged of "Zero and Blind Terry" did not occur until June 28, the rock on which these statements are made. Then the studio logs list one or more takes of both of our titles on June 28, 1973, which we designate as the never heard V3 (Phantoms), and the standard version of "Zero" V4. It was pressed to acetate, used as the publishing demo, but not included on album #2. It has circulated on various boots for many years, much loved by collectors and hardcore fans. According to the Tracks session data, V6, the version on the 1998 collection, comes from the June 28 session. The logs show the June 28 version was referenced on November 5, 1997, but we could not identify the source and dates of the overdubs applied to the version on Tracks. Sancious's piano was certainly not recorded on June 28, nor were the backing vocals by Suki Lahav. The June 28 basic track was sent out as a publishing demo, in an early mix from June 28 or earlier. An overdubbed flute that had been removed by June 28 was still there. Most, and possibly all of the overdubs described here were done by and included in the August 7 session, mixed and stored away with the invisible title of V6, never circulating until being released on Tracks. Suki Lahav is also credited in the Tracks booklet. Statements referring to "Phantoms" as an early or work-in-progress version of "Zero And Blind Terry" are incorrect. These are two different songs, with no overlapping lyrics.

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