You Mean So Much To Me

YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME - V1 uncirculating
YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME - V3 uncirculating

Note: Written in early 1971 and performed throughout that year, although the circulating live versions from 1971 stem from the middle months. Another song that would be ranked in the top tier of Springsteen’s pre-CBS portfolio. Bruce obviously felt this was one of his best early creations, as he performed it live numerous times during 1973-74. On May 31, 1973, what many consider the definitive version of "You Mean So Much To Me" was cut at a recording studio for WGOE-FM radio, Richmond’s Alpha Sound Studios. Never officially released, it was first bootlegged on 'Deep Down In The Vaults' in the 1990s. In late 1975, Steve Van Zandt, feeling bad about leaving his friend John Lyon alone to run the band they created, the Asbury Jukes, agreed to be their manager, get them a recording contract, and produce an album. He came through on all these commitments, even though most of the time he was on tour with the E Street Band. He also asked his friend Bruce Springsteen to help out by donating two of his compositions to the effort, “You Mean So Much To Me” and “The Fever”. Steve asked for these two with inside knowledge; he knew Springsteen didn’t regard them highly, and he felt they would fit the Jukes style, which was mostly an idea in his head at the time. It is not known if Bruce recorded demos of the songs, as he did on other occasions.

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