1966-05-18 Mr. Music Inc. Studio, Bricktown, NJ

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Live rehearsals at site - and then formal recording - of two 'Springsteen/Theiss' songs, "Baby I" and "That's What You Get". Bruce and George wrote both songs in Tex Vinyard's car on the way to Mr. Music, a company that no longer exists but was then located at 2785 Hooper Ave in what is part of the Brick Mall complex. George Theiss has confirmed that these were the only two songs that Bruce and he ever co-wrote. The recordings were cut directly to disc, which resulted in a significant loss of fidelity compared to how the band actually sounded. Seven or eight acetate test pressings of the studio takes were made (at least four of which survive). It was long thought that there was no master tape, but in an interview with Jim Henke for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Springsteen notes that they emerged from the studio with a 'two-track' which was 'recently found.'

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