1970-02-22 Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo, CA

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Steel Mill rehearsals at site and then formal recording of three Springsteen compositions and Bruce's first time in a recording studio since a session with The Castiles in 1966 (see May 18, 1966). After brief in-situ warm-up rehearsals, which weren't recorded, the band recorded each song in one take. These were the only three songs rehearsed and the only three songs recorded. Pacific Recording Studios (also known as 'Pacific Recorders') was then located at 1737 S. El Camino Real, not too far from Springsteen's parents' home in San Mateo. This studio is perhaps best known as the place where both The Grateful Dead's Aoxomoxa LP and Santana's debut LP were recorded. Promoter Bill Graham, who at the time had recently started his fledgling 'Fillmore Records' label (Elvin Bishop and Cold Blood were among his initial signings), actually offered Steel Mill a contract, which the band rejected due to its poor terms and conditions.

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