1972-04-00 Mediasound Studios, Studio C, New York City, NY

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Directed to list all the songs he'd written, Cretecos and Spitz spent weeks helping Bruce record professional-caliber demos that they could use to copyright all of his work. Most of these songs were never released in original form, although some (such as "Circus Town" and "Vibes Man") would lend components to, or evolve into, other completed songs. Springsteen went into Media Sound in New York City to track material that his publisher had hoped to use to sell his songs to other artists. Tracks distributed to Intersong Music in 1972 included "Arabian Nights", "Circus Town" (which would later be known as "Circus Song" and ultimately as "Wild Billy's Circus Story"), "Cowboys Of The Sea", "Henry Boy", "If I Was the Priest", "Marie", "No Need", "She's Leaving," "Song For The Orphans", "Southern Sun", "Street Queen", "Tokyo", "Vibes Man" (which would later evolve into "New York City Serenade"), "Visitation At Fort Horn", and "The Word". These were among the demos of some sixty songs Springsteen apparently tracked during the year. Recording engineer Harvey Goldberg recalls that that Bruce's session took place in Studio C, and remembers that Mike Appell was especially nervous due to Wes Farrell recording in Studio B at the same time.

Recording Session

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