1979-03-00 Zevon Residence, Los Angeles, CA

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Bruce gets together with Warren Zevon for a brief, one-off, writing session. According to Zevon’s 1980 comments to Rolling Stone, he’d heard through the grapevine about the unreleased Springsteen song "Jamie [sic] Needs A Shooter", was highly intrigued by its title, but had never heard any demo. Zevon indicated he composed the new melody for the Springsteen-Zevon re-write, as well as the first verse of lyrics. Springsteen contributed most of the lyrics to the other three verses, as well as the refrain lyrics. Zevon recorded this re-written version a couple of months later in Los Angeles (Bruce was not involved in the studio session) and this recording was issued on Zevon’s Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School album in January 1980.

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