1999-07-02 Disney Soundstage Studios, New York City, NY

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In a Manhattan studio Springsteen makes his first-ever appearance in a feature film (i.e., excluding documentaries and music films/videos), playing himself during a 2-minute dream sequence for the movie High Fidelity. It was the final scene shot for the film. John Cusack, the movie's co-producer, screenwriter and lead actor, had first contacted Springsteen in 1998 asking him to participate - surprisingly Bruce said "yes" (Bob Dylan, Cusack's first choice for this role, had declined). In the film Bruce performs a blues riff (copyrighted as "Blues Guitar Riff (High Fidelity)" at the US Copyright Office in 1999) on guitar while talking to the film's dreaming lead character (Cusack), who ends the conversation with Bruce by saying "Good luck, goodbye" (a spoof of the final line in Springsteen's song "Bobby Jean").

High Fidelity Shoot

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