1969-03-00 Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Wanamassa, NJ

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Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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Complete set details are not known. Child conducts it's first rehearsal at new manager Carl 'Tinker' West's surfboard factory. Tinker, a legendary surfboard designer/shaper with San Diego based Challenger West Surfboards, had come to the Jersey shore in 1966 to set up a Challenger East business. Tinker (a guitarist and skilled harp player in his own right) had recently set up a concert promotion business called 'Blah Productions'. Tinker was interested in new artists who performed their own songs. It was Vini Lopez who knew Tinker and brought Bruce to meet him, resulting in Tinker agreeing to manage the group. Vini Lopez has mentioned the Springsteen composition "Jennifer" as one of the songs played at this Challenger rehearsal.

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