1972-03-14 Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Highlands, NJ

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The listed nine songs (including a partial take) are known from a high-quality soundboard recording of a Bruce Springsteen Band rehearsal held at Tinker West's Challenger Eastern Surfboards location. The band line-up is Van Zandt-Sancious-Tallent-Lopez. In addition to the seventy-six minutes of music there are nearly seven minutes of fascinating between-song banter, much of it between Springsteen and Tinker West, who Bruce jokingly refers to as 'Stinky'. Tinker appears to be testing some new recording equipment and the sound quality is uniformly excellent. It is evident from the discussions that the rehearsals had been going on for some time before the recording starts. It should be noted that this is not Challenger's more famous Wanamassa location that Bruce had lived in during the 1969-70 Steel Mill era. Tinker West had relocated the factory to Highlands, NJ in early 1970, and had then constructed a more professional rehearsal room. The standout track here is "When You Dance". Although rough quality live renditions exist, this is a clear rendition, with astounding Springsteen-Van Zandt dual lead guitar interplay. Noteworthy as well is "Funk Song" (also known as "Funk Says Right On"). There are no live renditions of "Funk Song" from this period circulating, however, Bruce surprisingly resurrected it during a few shows early on the Born To Run Tour (see gig listings for July 23, 1975, July 28, 1975 and August 8, 1975 ). Also noteworthy is the second performance of "I Got To Have You Baby" (a Springsteen original, and not a cover of "I've Got To Have You Baby" by Jimmy Jones & The Pretenders, as is sometimes mistakenly reported). Dylan's "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" appears as well.

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