1980-09-00 Clair Brothers Audio, Lititz, PA

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Rehearsals for the upcoming River Tour over four nights at the end of September. The sessions are extensive, running for up to ten hours a night, starting at 4pm and finishing up as late as past 2am. The exact date of these sessions is uncertain, but students from a college newspaper were present for two nights on a Friday and Saturday, likely to be September 26 and 27. The entire stage was set up in the rehearsal hall, lights and all, just as it will appear on the tour. Roy plays a piano intro before "The River". This intro has sometimes been listed as "Once Upon A Time In The West" but in fact has not been identified by Brucebase. The newspaper report also mentions that Bruce, Clarence Clemons and guitar tech Mike Batlan spent time practicing the "Crush On You" guitar toss - see our News tab for more details.

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