1984-02-18 Springsteen Residence, Rumson, NJ

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Private jam session featuring just Bruce and Nils Lofgren, who had just recently been dropped by his record label (MCA/Backstreets). Lofgren has recounted the details in interview:….I went up to spend a weekend with him in New Jersey and he had just finished the (Born In The U.S.A.) record…. spent the weekend with him going to bars and jamming, talking a lot..…I was kind of down in the dumps then, and he was offering support. We played his record in the car and at his home, and I was just fascinated with it and thought it was the best record he’d ever made. When I first heard "Dancing In The Dark" I said to him, "Oh my God, that’s a hit record"…..it was strange because we were watching MTV together when they announced that Little Steven had left the group to do his own thing and that his replacement was going to be someone from New Jersey. Bruce told me at the time it (the replacement person being from NJ story) was bull…..I took that opportunity to say to Bruce, "gee, if you ever need a guitarist, I’d love an audition". Bruce looked at me kind of funny and said, "Really?"….it was a good chance and a nice accident that I just happened to be there….sure enough, four or five months later when he needed someone, I got the call and it worked out.

Private Jam Session

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