1992-03-00 Roy Bittan's Recording Studio, Malibu, CA

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Tryouts for Springsteen new band, held on numerous days in March (exact dates are unknown) at an unidentified Hollywood recording studio partially owned (according to comments by Shane Fontayne) by Roy Bittan. Roy did not try out - he was a definite in the new band and actually participated with Bruce in the tryout sessions of the other would-be members. Shane Fontayne, who had come highly recommended, turned out to be the only guitarist that was given a tryout. Several bass players were given tryouts. Drummer Zack Alford has mentioned in interview that he flew out to California five times during March and early April for tryouts before he was finally told he had the job.

Band Auditions

00Help-32.png Complete lineup of performers is not known. If you have any information or further details regarding the musicians onstage for this date please get in touch.

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