Bruce Springsteen & The Sessions Band

In September 1997 Bruce organized a siesta-themed bash at his Colts Neck, NJ farm. He needed a band to play at the party and invited New York City-based outfit The Gotham Playboys. Bruce had heard about the band from Soozie Tyrell, who sometimes sat in with them at live gigs. In October 1997 Springsteen was asked to contribute a recording for an upcoming Pete Seeger tribute album. Bruce felt some of the musicians in The Gotham Playboys might be right for this project. He re-contacted them, fleshed out the session with additional musician friends and acquaintances, and a recording session was held at Bruce’s NJ home studio on November 2, 1997. There were six songs recorded at this session. "We Shall Overcome" was the track selected for donation and it was eventually released on the March 1998 tribute album. The Gotham Playboys were later invited to perform at a couple of other parties at the farm, including Bruce's 1998 and 2000 birthday bashes.

From that original November 1997 Seeger session we must fast-forward seven years in the timeline to late 2004, soon after the conclusion of Springsteen’s Vote For Change mini tour. Springsteen was liaising with manager Jon Landau regarding material for a potential future Tracks #2 boxed set. Some of the leftover material from the November 1997 Seeger Session was being evaluated and out of those discussions came the idea of releasing this session material as a stand-alone album project. However there were not enough songs recorded in November 1997 to fill an album. Consequently the original 1997 musicians were re-contacted and an additional session took place on March 19, 2005, just prior to Springsteen embarking on his solo tour to promote his about-to-be-released Devils And Dust album. There were nine songs recorded at this March 19, 2005 Seeger session.

Springsteen undertook a third and final Seeger Sessions Band studio session on January 21, 2006. There were eight songs recorded at this session. We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions was released in April 2006. He then toured with the Seeger Sessions Band throughout 2006. Following the conclusion of the tour the band was known as The Sessions Band.

Performed 60 with Bruce Springsteen live for an audience, excluding Rehearsals.

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