West, Carl "Tinker"

Carl Vergil "Tinker" West III (born August 7, 1935) was a surfboard designer and concert promoter who acted as manager for much of Springsteen's early career through his business Blah Productions. He served as manager and sound engineer of Child, Steel Mill, The Friendly Enemies, Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom, and The Bruce Springsteen Band from March 1969 until February 1972, when Springsteen signed with Mike Appel. West also played congas, including as a member of The Friendly Enemies and with The Bruce Springsteen Band. West owned Challenger Eastern Surfboards in Wanamassa, NJ and then in Highlands, NJ, and allowed Springsteen's early groups to rehearse there. In 2015, West was inducted into the New Jersey Surfing Hall of Fame.

Source: Wikipedia

With Bruce Springsteen live for an Audience, including Public rehearsals!

Performed 0 times, excluding those as a member of the bands below.

Performed 2 times as a member of The Friendly Enemies.

Performed 3 times as a member of The Bruce Springsteen Band.

As a member (or not) of any of the bands above:

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