Clemons, Clarence

Clarence Anicholas Clemons, Jr. (January 11, 1942, Norfolk County, VA - June 18, 2011, West Palm Beach, FL), also known as The Big Man, was an American musician and actor. When they first met, he was going by his middle name "Nick", but Bruce Springsteen insisted on calling him Clarence, and that became his stage name. From 1972 until his death, he was a prominent member of the E Street Band, playing the tenor saxophone.

Source: Wikipedia & MusicBrainz


With Bruce Springsteen live for an Audience, including Public rehearsals!

Performed 43 times, excluding those as a member of the band below.

Performed 1532 times as a member of The E Street Band.

Above statistics include Public Rehearsals!

As a member of The E Street Band: Not as a member of The E Street Band:
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