Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom

Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom was a very short lived progression of Springsteen’s March 1971 "The Friendly Enemies" shows at Sunshine In and his April 1971 'Jam Concerts' at The Upstage. The members of Dr. Zoom were Springsteen, Steve Van Zandt (guitar), David Sancious (keyboards), Garry Tallent (bass), Vini Lopez (drums and backing vocals), Southside Johnny (harmonica and vocals), Bobby Williams (drums), Albee 'Albany Al' Tellone (tenor saxophone), and Bobby Feigenbaum (alto saxophone).

There was also an eight-member backing vocal troupe nicknamed "The Zoomettes". "Big" Danny Gallagher handled the on-stage props. They played just two concerts in May 1971.

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