Funky Dusty & The Soul Broom

Funky Dusty & The Soul Broom were a short-lived (summer-fall 1970) 4 piece band consisting of Steve Van Zandt ('Funky Dusty') and Garry Tallent, "Southside" Johnny Lyon and drummer Bobby Williams ('The Soul Broom'). Apparently Springsteen was in attendance and joined in a late evening jam. At this point in mid-1970 both Tallent and Williams were full time members of Glory Road (along with David Sancious and Bill Chinnock), Van Zandt was a member of Steel Mill and Southside was a free agent, having recently left his former band Maelstrom. The Funky Dusty & The Soul Broom side-project was a catalyst for what became The Big Bad Bobby Williams Band in late 1970 and The Sundance Blues Band in spring 1971. Funky Dusty & The Soul Broom were singer Jeannie Clark's backing band at the infamous Clearwater gig on September 11, 1970.

Performed 1 times live with Bruce Springsteen.

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