Theiss, George

George Theiss (September 1949, Newark, NJ – July 13, 2018, Salisbury, NC) was the rhythm guitarist and vocalist in The Castiles from their founding in late 1964 as The Sierras until the band's breakup in August 1968. George met Springsteen when he was dating Bruce' sister Ginny. When George learned that Bruce played the guitar, he invited him to do audition to join the band. Theiss subsequently joined the established local band Rusty Chain, followed by stints in Doo-Da and Cahoots. In 1979, he formed the George Theiss Band. He occasionally performed until his death in 2018.

Source: NJArts

Performed 0 times live with Bruce Springsteen, excluding those as a member of The Castiles.

Performed 117 times live with Bruce Springsteen as a member of The Castiles.

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