O'Brien, Lucas

Lucas O'Brien (born Adelaide, Australia) is an Australian violinist known as a member of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. He began his Bachelor of Music Performance (violin) at the Australian Institute of Music, before completing it at the Victorian College of the Arts. Following 4 years of full scholarship at the Australian National Academy of Music in Melbourne, he furthered his studies at the University of Western Australia. This culminated in his completion of a Doctor of Musical Arts in 2018, exploring expertise acquisition as applied to violinists in the string quartet. Highlights from his chamber music career include competing in the 2009 finals of the Asia-Pacific Chamber music in Melbourne as the violinist of the Lorelei Trio and performing with members of the Scharoun Ensemble (of the Berlin Philharmonic) as a participant of the Zermatt Music Festival & Academy (2008, 2009). Beginning his full-time tutti position with WASO in 2018, his orchestral career has seen him perform with many of the nation’s leading orchestras, including the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and more recently the Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra. He was also was awarded the inaugural participant of the Concertmaster Development Program with the Perth Symphony Orchestra.

Source: West Australian Symphony Orchestra

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