Appel, Mike

Mike Appel (born October 27, 1942, Queens, NY) is an American music industry manager and record producer, best known for his role in both capacities in the early career of Bruce Springsteen. On November 4, 1971, Carl "Tinker" West, then-manager of The Bruce Springsteen Band, drove Bruce Springsteen to New York City to introduce him to Mike Appel, a songwriter who carried on his songwriting activities jointly with Jim Cretecos. Appel was then employed at Pocketful Of Tunes Inc., Wes Farrell's publishing company in New York City, NY. With Wes Farrell, Mike and Jim Cretecos had co-written Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted, I Can Feel Your Heartbeat, Somebody Wants To Love You, all by the Partridge Family 1971-1972. Bruce sang "Baby Doll" and perhaps two other tunes that did not impress Appel. His second audition, on February 14, 1972, went better. After "No Need", “Cowboys of the Sea,” “If I Was the Priest,” and “It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City”, Mike was ready to make a deal.

Source: Wikipedia Interview: Mike Appel in the House

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