Melendez, Ozzie

Osvaldo "Ozzie" Melendez, Jr. (born Brooklyn, NY) has been a highly regarded session trombone player since the mid-1980s. Ozzie began touring internationally with Emmanuel and Willie Colon through the 1980s. He still tours with Willie Colon. Melendez has performed all over the world as a vocalist, trombonist, composer and music director as well as playing on Broadway shows, movie sound tracks, commercials, and TV shows. All of his work has put him on the top of the “must work with list” that has garnered him studio time with some of the biggest hit makers of today. He has worked on Gold and platinum records that belong to Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Billy Joel, and Marc Anthony. On top of working on top-selling albums, he has toured with Celia Cruz, Willie Colon, Diana Ross, and Marc Anthony.

Source: Wikipedia

Performed 83 times live with Bruce Springsteen as a member of The E Street Horns.

Performed 2 times live with Bruce Springsteen, excluding those as a member of The E Street Horns.

As a member of The E Street Horns: Not as a member The E Street Horns:

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