Fontayne, Shane

Shane Fontayne (born October 10, 1954, London, England) is the professional name of English rock guitarist Mick Barakan. Active since the 1970s, he was the guitarist for Bruce Springsteen's other band during The 1992-1993 Tour, as Springsteen had disbanded his own E Street Band three years earlier. During his career he has worked with Ian Hunter, Van Zandt, Chris Botti, Joe Cocker, Marc Cohn, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and others.

Source: Wikipedia

With Bruce Springsteen live for an Audience, including Public rehearsals!

Performed 4 times, excluding those as a member of the band below.

Performed 109 times as a member of The 1992-1993 World Tour Band.

As a member of The 1992-1993 World Tour Band: Not as a member of The 1992-1993 World Tour Band:

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