Sablay, Ted

Theodore "Ted" Sablay (born April 18, 1976, Fond du Lac, WI) is an American guitar player, keyboardist and music teacher. He has been a touring musician for The Killers since 2006. Sablay has played piano on "Romeo And Juliet" on the band's compilation album Sawdust, engineered sessions for the Killers' 2008 album Day & Age, and worked as a music consultant on Flamingo, the 2010 solo album by Killers singer Brandon Flowers. Sablay was formerly in the Las Vegas bands Attaboy Skip and Expert on October alongside Ronnie Vannucci Jr. Sablay has contributed bass to Vannucci's side project Big Talk and Flowers's second solo album, The Desired Effect. In 2017, Sablay was picked to fill in for Dave Keuning on lead guitar during live dates supporting the Killers' album, Wonderful Wonderful. In March 2021, Sablay released his debut solo single, "Just Out of Reach."

Source: Wikipedia

Performed 1 times live with Bruce Springsteen.

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