Bruce Springsteen Band, The

The Bruce Springsteen Band formed by Springsteen when he left the The Sundance Blues Band in early July 1971. The band played their first show on July 10, 1971 at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. They consisted of Bruce, David Sancious (keyboards), Vini Lopez (drums), Garry Tallent (bass), Steven Van Zandt (guitar), Harvey Cherlin (trumpet), Bobby Feigenbaum (alto saxophone), Barbara Dinkins (vocals), and Delores "Dee" Holmes (vocals). At some shows Carl "Tinker" West also performed, on congas. Due to financial constraints, beginning on September 1, 1971, the band cut back to the core lineup of Springsteen-Sancious-Lopez-Tallent-Van Zandt, with occasional guest appearances by the other members. Dinkins and Cherlin had permanently left the group by the October 23, 1971 show; the former was briefly replaced by Francine Daniels. Feigenbaum, Holmes, and Daniels would leave the group after October 31, 1971, effectively ending the group's "big band" period, but would continue as a five-piece, and made their last advertised appearance in July 1972.

Performed 80 times live with Bruce Springsteen.

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