Alford, Zack

Zackary Alford (born October 22, New York City, NY) began his musical journey being influenced by musician friends of his older siblings (his sister's boyfriend's band used to rehearse in their living room). "I used to look under my bed at the drums that were stashed there. Being so close to real instruments started my fascination with them." "My brother's friend Chandara lived on the 18th floor and he was a drummer too". After demonstrating an understanding of the drum kit at age 10, Zack's mom bought him a second hand drum set and he never looked back. "my neighborhood was full of drummers". Peter "Phoenix" Rivera, Sterling Campbell, Ben Perowsky and Poogie Bell (Zack's first instructor) all lived within a 10 block radius. At age 15 Zack met Charley Drayton at the 7th Avenue South night club and that would galvanize his commitment and direction as a drummer. He played the drums in Bruce Springsteen's 1992 - 1993 World Tour Band.


With Bruce Springsteen live for an Audience, including Public rehearsals!

Performed 1 times, excluding those as a member of the band below.

Performed 109 times as a member of The 1992-1993 World Tour Band.

As a member of The 1992-1993 World Tour Band: Not as a member of The 1992-1993 World Tour Band:

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