Last Man Standing

Commercially Released: September 26, 2006
Label: Artists First
Produced by Jimmy Rip and Steve Bing
Recorded by Steve Gamberoni at Phillips and Sun Studios, Memphis, and Toby Scott at Thrill Hill Recording, New Jersey
Mixed by Jimmy Rip and Steve Gamberoni, assisted by June Murakawa
Mastered by Steve Marcussen
Design by Gary Burden
Photography by Michael Muller


Last Man Standing is the 39th studio album released by American recording artist, pianist, and rock and roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis in September 2006. The album consists of duets between Lewis and some of the biggest names in both rock and country music, past and present. The title derives from the generation of 1950s Sun Studios recording artists such as Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley, all of whom have died, leaving Lewis the "last man standing". Following the success of the album, a DVD Last Man Standing Live was released featuring similar duets with famous artists.

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# Song Title Running Time Release

Total Running Time: 66:43

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