Sun City

Commercially Released: December 7, 1985
Label: EMI Manhattan
Produced by Steven Van Zandt and Arthur Baker
Recorded by Toby Scott at Shakedown Sound Studios, The Hit Factory, Electric Lady Studios, M&I Recording
 Studios, Unique Recording, Right Track Recording, Soundworks, New York, Power Station and Fallout Shelter,
 The Outpost, Windmill Lane Studios, Cherokee Studios, Syncro Sound, Eel Pie Studios, Startling Studios
Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge, Frank Filipetti, Jay Burnett, John Davenport, Peter Darmi and Tom Lord-Alge
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk
Design by Tony Wright
Photography by Barbara Bach, Cathe Ishino, Chase Roe, Chris Steele, David Seelig, Joby Corney, Jonathan Ashby,
 Kristen Stetler, Lisa Podgur, Loren Haynes, Neil Winoker, Shelley Ross and Stephen Goldstein


Sun City is a 1985 album that contained several versions of the Steven Van Zandt-led Artists United Against Apartheid's "Sun City" protest song against apartheid in South Africa as well as other selections in the same vein from that project. The group produced the song "Sun City" and the album Sun City that year, which is considered a notable anti-apartheid song. He became interested in writing a song about Sun City to make parallels with the plight of Native Americans. Danny Schechter, a journalist who was then working with ABC News' 20/20, suggested turning the song into a different kind of "We Are the World", or as Schechter explains, "a song about change not charity, freedom not famine".
When Van Zandt was finished writing "Sun City", he, Schechter and producer Arthur Baker spent the next several months searching for artists to participate in the project. Van Zandt initially declined to invite Springsteen, not wanting to take advantage of their friendship, but Schechter had no problem asking and Springsteen accepted the invitation. Van Zandt was also shy about calling legendary jazz artist Miles Davis. Schechter initiated the contact and Davis also accepted. Eventually, Van Zandt, Baker and Schechter would gather an array of artists, described by rock critic Dave Marsh as "the most diverse line up of popular musicians ever assembled for a single session". In addition to "Sun City," a number of other songs were recorded, making up the album Sun City. For a time Van Zandt and Baker were making the record without a record company or any outside financial support. Van Zandt financed much of it while producer Arthur Baker donated studio time. When Manhattan Records came on board, they acquired rights to the recording and enabling Van Zandt and Baker to pay some of the bills.

Source: Wikipedia


# Song Title Running Time Release
4. SUN CITY 5:45 GUEST: SUNCITY / 1985 single

Total Running Time: 45:33

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