Working On A Dream

Commercially Released: January 27, 2009
Label: Columbia
Produced by Brendan O'Brien
Recorded by Nick Didia and Rick Kwan, assisted by Darren Tablan, Tom Tapley, Toby Scott, Tom Syrowski, Billy Bowers,
 Derek Karlquist, Kevin Mills, Paul Lamalfa and Tim Mitchell at Southern Tracks Studios, Avatar Studios, Clinton Recording Studios,
 Henson Recording Studios and Thrill Hill Recording (Summer 2007 - Fall 2008)
Mixed by  Brendan O'Brien, assisted by Darren Tablan and Tom Tapley at Southern Tracks Studios
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering and Bernie Grundman Mastering
Design by Chris Austopchuck, Dave Bett, Michelle Holme
Photography by Danny Clinch and Jennifer Tzar


Working On A Dream is the sixteenth studio album by Bruce Springsteen, released on January 27, 2009, through Columbia Records. It has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, with over 585,000 in the United States as of September 2010. The album was officially announced, along with a track listing, on November 17, 2008. The album came out of songwriting and recording that Springsteen continued with towards the close of his previous work, 2007's Magic, as the band worked on a video for one of that album's songs. The longest song on the album is the opening track, "Outlaw Pete", at more than eight minutes. Two other songs clock in at less than three minutes.

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