Drive Fast (The Stuntman)

Track 6 of Western Stars, 2019.

  • Western Stars (2019)
    • Bruce Springsteen: vocals, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, synth strings, banjo, percussion, electric guitar, B3, piano, orchestral samples, celeste, organ solo, 12-string guitar, mellotron
    • Ron Aniello: upright bass, piano, electric guitar, percussion, vibraphone, bass, synth strings, orchestral samples, acoustic guitar, drums, B3, celeste, loops, synth, background vocals
    • Marc Muller: pedal steel
    • Gunnar Olsen: drums
    • David Sancious: B3
    • Luis Villalobos: violin
    • Stone Hill Strings
        • Scott Tibbs (string arrangement, conductor); Lisa Kim, Hyunju Lee, Joanna Maurer (violins); Shmuel Katz, Rebecca Young (viola); Alan Stepansky (cello).

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