Evacuation Of The West

This is another reason why Bruce Springsteen will continue to amaze long after he is gone. Many current fans are unfamiliar with this forgotten performance that failed to make it on two albums, and was never played live, yet in November 1997, it was considered for Tracks, probably because it is a remarkable song. Written late 1972-early 1973, it was originally titled "There Are No Kings In Texas", and that would have been it's title here, had Bruce not applied for copyright under the title "Evacuation Of the West". Springsteen has never released a sample from his personal collection, but fortunately, we have this excellent take, recorded on either June 22 or 28, 1973 at 914 Sound Studios. The band was without David Sancious, and there are no instrumental or vocal overdubs, neither which seem to harm the outcome. Step right up folks and hear the mighty Bruce Springsteen turn the American cowboy into the Knights Templar!

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