Born To Run - Studio Sessions - Potential Album Sequences

Potential Album Sequences

Some of the songs listed below are included on early draft listings of what Springsteen imagined "Album #3" (i.e., Born To Run) might look like. Bruce noted song timings for several of these tracks, so presumably recordings of some kind existed. Some of these lists are known, all apparently composed at some point in 1974, some have additions written later in the sessions in 1975.

Dates from very early in the sessions, perhaps as early as the spring of 1974, maybe even earlier.

Album #3
1. Angel Baby
2. Architect Angel [Saga Of The Architect Angel]
3. Thundercrack
4. Vision at Fort Horn [Visitation At Fort Horn]
5. Two Hearts [Two Hearts In True Waltz Time]
6. Here She Comes
7. Glory Road
8. Janey Needs A Shooter
9. Jungleland
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