Devils & Dust - Studio Sessions - Credits

Commercially Released: April 25, 2005
Label: Columbia
Produced* by Bruce Springsteen, Chuck Plotkin, Brendan O'Brien
Recorded by Nick Didia, Toby Scott, assisted by Tom Tapley, Billy Bowers, Karl Egsieker at Thrill Hill East
 and Thrill Hill West (1996 - 2004), Horns at Southern Tracks Studios (2004), Strings at Masterphonics Studios (2004)
Mixed* by Brendan O'Brien, Toby Scott
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Design by Dave Bett, Michelle Holme, Chris Austopchuk
Photography by Anton Corbijn
Horn and string arrangements by Eddie Horst

* "All The Way Home" and "Long Time Comin'" produced by Springsteen-Plotkin-O’Brien. "Matamoros Banks", "Leah", "Black Cowboys" and "Jesus Was An Only Son" mixed by Toby Scott.

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